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New technologies in LED lighting have provided riders looking to extend their possible riding time with huge advances for more visibility in the dark. Our riding lights have developed in leaps and bounds over the last few years. It was only a few years ago that we introduced the first generation of our HighPower light, but the lumens that our newest Scope 1300 model puts out would leave it – quiet literally – in the dark.

These developments have spawned a whole new category of night riders that take advantage of the additional riding time these new lights provide. BBB’s right there, providing them with the cutting edge tools.

At the same time we offer a full range of lights to commuting cyclists looking to increase their visibility to other traffic when the weather turns sour or the days get shorter.

Lights BBB Scope 1300

A massive amount of light. That will be your first impression when you switch on a Scope 1300 for the first time. A whopping 1300 lumens of light – in layman’s terms that means: a whole lot – will brighten any trail. Your second impression will be one of surprise that all this light comes from the rather small light unit (110gr, 44 x 34 x 52mm). The secret is in the side-by-side double XM-L T6 CREE LEDs. They run on a compact external battery pack, have four brightness modes and are housed in a water-resistant aluminum casing with Airflow Cooling System for optimal heat control. By using the included mounts the lighting unit can be fit to any handlebar or helmet.

The battery pack is light and small enough (200gr, 105 x 55 x 32mm) to be strapped to your bike or slipped into a jersey pocket and has two neat little features. Firstly it allows you to charge USB-powered devices like smartphones or a GPS through it’s USB-out connector. The battery pack needs too much power to be charged through USB, but comes with the appropriate charger. It charges in approximately 2,5 hours.

Secondly, the battery pack is equipped with a 5-steps power level warning indicator. This indicator can be switched on and off.