Supernova-Airstream-2-and-Supernova-Airstream-Tail-Light-2 1The Supernova light is a brand conceived for outdoor sports, always thinking in the safety of their athlets, specially riders. Born in Germany, the quality and design are the two main references of this brand.

Supernova-Airstream-2-6Nowadays, we live in a society where sports are gaining more fans each day, whether it is for walking, running or ridding, at any time of the day or night. We live mainly in a changing world turned more and more for savings, like lowing car fuel usage thereby saving the planet from poluent gases… people are starting to care and ridding more to their work place, not with many enthusiasts for now because we have yet to create the perfect environment and conditions to mobilize more enthusiasts. For athlets of any kind of sports that practice in low light environments, it is important to bring lights as a mainly security measure.

Supernova-Airstream-2-5From supernova to BTT Lobo, arrives the Airstream 2 and Airstream Tail Light 2. The Airstram 2 with 205 lumens, is a frontal light very accurate which provides a very bright light that will give you an extreme visibility and security, it can be used in extreme weather conditions, like heavy rains, it is waterproof.

Supernova-Airstream-2-1Besides their high end looks, we also find great quality in the battery compartment. It has an high durability depending on how you use the light, In less intensity mode, level 3, it can reaches a max  capacity of 7hours in usage, at the medium or level 2 it reaches 3,5 hours, and finally at the maximum capacity or level 1, we have an excellent capacity upon 2,5hours.

Supernova-Airstream-2-2The structural quality of the light is also very important to mention, it as a composition of Anodized aluminum very resistant to corrosion and light weighted, the same composition used in the aviation industry. Besides the composition the  Supernova Airstream 2 as the most recent and powerful led lights that in most products could overheat the case, to avoid the overheating problem Supernova added a cooling system in the edges so the air can go through and keep the light in a refreshed state.

Supernova-Airstream-2-3Supernova Airstream 2 is very versatile due to the integrated battery allowing the user to choose the best place to put it, helmet, handler… you name it. With a very simple assemblage it is just turn it on and go.

Supernova-Airstream-Tail-Light-2-2Supernova Airstream Tail Light 2 like it says it´s a tail led light with an incredible weight of only 36g.

Supernova-Airstream-Tail-Light-2-1It’s one of the most important lights in the set, allowing drivers to see us, maintaining a safety distance avoiding accidents and saving a lot of lives.

Supernova-Airstream-Tail-Light-2-3Supernova Airstream Tail 2 uses a Twin-Beam technology, three high efficient leds gathering only a small portion of energy from the frontal Supernova Airstream 2 taking almost nothing to the battery lifetime or performance of the light.

Supernova-Airstream-Tail-Light-2-4The Supernova Airstream 2 is very easy to set up in the bike, we can say that it is one of the easiest setups in the market also in this category of light and quality. The three light modes adapdt perfectly into the ridder´s needs. We also think the level 1 is only good to be used in a very extreme environment of darkness.

Supernova-Airstream-2-4You can watch in the video the Supernova Airstream lights in action:

BTT Lobo reminds that safety is very important while riding in the roads, the lights can save life’s. We advise without a doubt the application of Supernova Airstream 2 and Supernova Airstream Tail Light 2 in your daily sports because they offer an incredible shining light, given it a good durability in various situations.

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