Nuseti - The Mountain Bike of the FutureA superb mountain bike equipped with the Inner Drive System – a revolutionary gear unit, developed especially for mountain bikes.
About Nuseti
Nuseti is a new generation mountain bike, equipped with the Inner Drive System – a revolutionary drive unit, developped especially for the mountain biking industry. It’s a top quality project for anyone who appreciates mountain biking adventures. Created by a true passionate – Gregory Zielinski – a multiple National Championship winner of mountain bike downhill racing, from Poland.
This project was started in 2008 and is currently in the last stage of development.

The key of the whole project is the Inner Drive System – an innovative, completely encapsulated drive unit that is absolutely resistant to mechanical and weather factors. This makes the drive reliable, durable and clean.

Inner Drive SystemIDS opens a new chapter in the history of mountain biking.

The planetary gearbox, as well as the rest of the working elements (chain, chainrings, freewheel), are completely enclosed in the frame construction and remain permanently lubricated. The working elements don’t get contaminated with dust, mud, etc., which makes the drive free from frequent maintenance and very durable. The IDS is absolutely unaffected by weather conditions and always works at its highest efficiency, even riding in the worst conditions you can imagine.
The heart of Inner Drive System is a 16-speed planetary gearbox.
The Inner Drive System has been designed to be easy to use as much as possible. It’s equipped with a quick-release rear wheel axle that allows for quick and easy wheel releasing without any contact with greased elements (chain, chainrings). Gear shifting is based on single lever trigger shifters – one on the right side for selecting slower gears, and one on the left side for selecting faster gears. The IDS allows for switching gears without pedaling, which means that you don’t have to turn the cranks just to engage the selected gear. Once you click the trigger, the gear is immediately ready for use. Furthermore, the IDS allows for switching gears under full pedaling power. This means that you don’t have to reduce your pedaling force only to switch gears while riding steep sections.

In summary, Nuseti bikes incorporates the exciting, new IDS technology that offer in a carbon fiber frame – giving you a bike that you will simply fall in love with.To make the dream come true, Nuseti need to further invest in its development – to manufacture tools for the carbon fiber frame production and adapt existing technologies to start serial production of gearboxes.

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