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The Flying Metal Crew was once more, all over Switzerland to build, ride and party and had a great year 2014… the four filmmakers Manuel Kunz, Robert Sans, Joel Portenier und Roger Wegmann put all the highlights of their individual seasons in one clip. 4 Filmmakers, 4 perspectives, 4 different filmparts in one movie: 30 minutes of F***ING MENTAL Action!

Filmed and Edited by
Manuel Kunz
Joël Portenier
Roger Wegmann
Robert Sans
Michel Griessen, Michael Rolli, Robert Sans, Manuel Kunz, Anders Würsten, Lars Lanz, Ramon Hunziker, Christian Maibach, Dario Thierstein, Arnau Nadal, Joël Portenier, Andy Halter, Lucas Huppert, Kenny Smith, Antoine Bizet, Freddy Hunziker, Simon Imobersteg, Jérôme Hunziker